​March, 2022

Dear Members:

Everything has finally fallen into place and it is that time of the year again for our Jr. PGA League.  We are very excited to be a part of this amazing program once again and I personally am looking forward to being the coach again and help them develop their love for this great game.

As of tomorrow 3/8 registration will be open and it will be closing on May 8th.  This gives everyone plenty of time to get everything in order.  In order to find our location go to pgajrleague.com and search “Benton Ky” and it should be their with the rest of the information!  It will show Nick Mills as the sponsor/coach (which had to be done since I am not a current PGA member), but it will be me, Travis Ross, Jeff Smith, and others that are going to help make this a summer the kids won’t soon forget. 

Any questions please email here or call the pro shop.  Hope we have an even better turn out than last year!


​​ ​​